Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Night Orchid (1982)

After the death of Soh Yong-yong, one of his three girl-friends, Coh Liu-hiang left the martial world and went into hiding. To lure him out, the enemies killed his friends. The most outstanding killer was a mysterious person nicknamed The Night Orchid.

One of Coh Liu-hiang's friends had this jade horse, given by Coh himself. People shed blood trying to obtain it and when Coh Liu-hiang arrived and this friend told him how he had defended it with his life, Coh said carelessly that it was a fake.

So it was said that he went into hiding and people died for him, but after he appeared, his friend Oh Thi-hoa and the two girls Li Ang-siu and Song Thiam-ji soon joined him. I wonder if this meant they traveled in a group - and why it was so difficult to find him.

I thought the 3 girls who lived with Coh Liu-hiang were orphans. They went to live with him because they had no one else. However, here Soh Yong-yong had a father and a younger sister.

One of the two waterfall scenes
The main enemy, from his clothes, seemed from a foreign country. The Night Orchid was one of his pawns. He lured out Coh Liu-hiang in order to kill our hero because he wanted to rule the martial world and apparently it wouldn't work if Coh was still alive. You can tell that the script writer was a James Bond fan.

The scenes with Miss Lan (the woman who dared Coh to take an acid bath) were all weird and they looked outdated, especially with her 80's hair-style. [The "acid" bath was only in appearance. 'The poison is in her nails', explained Coh Liu-hiang.]

Coh wondered why he had orchids at his place
As bad as this movie was, I remember how I wanted to watch it when it was shown on theatre. I wanted so much to watch Cheng Shao-chiu and Lin Ching-hsia, yet I didn't even dare to ask money (for the ticket) from my mom. I knew she would not give me a permission because it was a movie for adult (17+). I had seen the trailer, it showed the waterfall scene and I loved the memorable theme song. Compared to Ti Lung versions from Shaw Brothers, the ones with Adam Cheng had more beautiful costumes.

Adam Cheng
There are two versions of this movie on YouTube. The first one is English dubbed, but in my opinion the dubbing is so bad, it is hard to understand the dialogues. This version also has lost the opening credits and, if I remember correctly, the theme song in one of the waterfall scenes. The second version with a better quality is the Mandarin version, with Chinese subtitles, which for me also doesn't work because I understand neither. However, there are English subtitles available somewhere. So what I did was: download the Mandarin version from YouTube and synchronized it with the English subs. It could do for the moment until a decent quality DVD (with English subs) is available.

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