Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Le fascinant Monsieur Delon (Collection Tetes d'affiche)

The binding is poor -my copy of this book has already fallen apart- and many of the b/w pictures (scattered throughout the book) are not well reproduced, but compared to other books about Delon, this one has interesting contents because journalist Henry Rode really interviewed him. The highlight must be the chapter called 'Delon Express' where we can read the actor's thoughts on certain things. Not an easy reading book, though.

There is also a part about imaginary dialogues if Alain Delon met Pablo Picasso.

Publish in 1982. Dimensions: 20,4 x  14,8 x 2 cm.352 pages.

From chapter 13: Delon express

From chapter 6: Elles: Romy, Nathalie, Mireille

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