Friday, June 26, 2015

Silver-hook Gambling House (Lu Siao Feng) - Gu Long

Liok Siau-hong: "Some people looking for fame, power; some for treasure. Do you know what I look for?"
Sebun Jui-soat : "Trouble"
Liok Siau-hong: "Exactly. No matter where I go and where I look, all I found is trouble."

Forst published in 1977, this book started well. Liok Siau-hong went with one of his friends, Put Giok-hui, to the Silver-hook Gambling House - whose owner was Put Giok-hui's brother-in-law, known as Blue Beard. It was said that those who liked women and wine, should also like gambling.

In the gambling house, Liok Siau-hong met a mysterious beautiful woman who lured him out and encaged him for 3 days. After 3 days, Liok Siau-hong was free, but accused of killing the son of a powerful clan. Of course Liok Siau-hong was unable to prove his alibi. Blue Beard promised to clear Liok Siau-hong's name if Liok Siau-hong promised to get back a-thousand-year-old sacred jade stone, which had been stolen by Blue Beard's first wife. The jade stone had been pawned to the gambling house by the dead son of the powerful clan's leader and now the leader wanted it back.

So Liok Siau-hong went to the north, to a very cold city, the hometown of Blue Beard's first wife. All the way he was protected by three people from the clan who wouldn't let anything happen to him before he found the jade stone.

This story features a number of beautiful women, but all of them were cunning. The twists of the story were very good.

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