Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (2008)

The producer perhaps wanted to make a movie about holocaust for children. Bruno, the center character is only 8 years old, a son of the commandant of a Jewish concentration camp. Torn from his old neighbourhood because his father has a duty in a new place, Bruno is lonely. From his bedroom window, he can see a 'farm' nearby, where its inhabitants strangely wear pyjamas. As his hobby is to read adventure books, Bruno is eager to explore the woods. He finds the 'farm' and makes friends with Shmuel, a bald boy of his age, who wears pyjamas with a number, who always sits near the gate.

This is a beautiful movie, although sometimes I think Bruno is too ignorant. At 8 years old and since Papa is in the army, he should have known better. But again, this movie perhaps wants to explain holocaust to children. The ending is horrible, though. The commandant gets his karma. It reminds me to a movie called 'Monsieur Klein' (1976). Klein, a Frenchman, treats the Jews badly and in the end he gets transported to a concentration camp instead.

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