Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tony Arzenta (1973)

I like this poster of Tony Arzenta (A.K.A. Les grands fusils/Big Guns/No Way Out), which shows him attending the wounded Sandra. Both characters suffers and are sad.

Tony Arzenta (Alain Delon), a mob hitman, wants to retire. He tells his boss, Nick Gusto (Richard Conte), who seems to understand. Gusto's colleagues, however, think Tony knows too much and must be eliminated. A bomb is planted in his car. Unfortunately it is his wife and son, who celebrated his 8th birthday several days ago, who are killed. Don Mariano, the priest, tells Tony to let God do the revenge; but Tony is now in danger foe his bosses still want him dead, so he kills them one by one. He travels from Milan, to Paris and Copenhagen. Later, Tony is wounded and helped by Luca, who he thinks is a loyal friend. In the end, Gusto offers peace, and with Don Mariano as a intermediary, Tony agrees to attend Gusto's daughter's wedding. He doesn't realize that this is a trap.

This movie is full of violence. I enjoyed the car chases, though. In movies made in those days, the scenes are clearly shown. In recent ones, for example in Quantum of Solace, things are so fast that we cannot clearly see what is going on. Duccio Tessari, the director, is very good. I count that at least 2 scenes showed a shooting where the camera was placed behind the shooter, made it like in a video game [see picture]. To play a hitman, for Alain Delon, was not new. In this one, in the opening scene, he wishes his son a happy birthday, excuses himself because he has a job to do, kills two men and returns home as if he returns from an honest daily job, say as an accountant. Also interesting is the priest's sermon in the wedding, from the Book of Matthew: "Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?" Love the Lord and love your neighbour as yourself. ~That is not common in a wedding, in my opinion, and must be chosen by the priest special for Tony and Gusto.

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