Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mamma Mia! (2008)

Mamma Mia! is a very entertaining movie. I wish I could see the musical on stage before watching this. ABBA songs are used to create a story about a bride-to-be, Sophie, who wants her father to walk her down the isle. The problem is: even her own mother is not sure, for around that time she was seeing three guys. So Sophie invites all 3, without consulting her mother first, with the hope that she can recognize her father immediately by instinct.

Sophie has 2 female friends, so does her mother. Sometimes I see Sophie's future husband, Sky, is also accompanied by 2 friends. So it seems the writer loves the number of three. I like Meryl Streep, but in this comedy, she seems to overact. Her two friends, played by Julie Walters and Christine Baranski, look more natural. These three remind me of a French play (or two) I saw on TV last year, Les Amazones (and Les Amazones 3 ans après), which is about 3 single women. One of the actresses in the play, Chantal Ladesou, was so hilarious that her every gesture and line got laughters from the audience.

I hope producers of future musical films will hire actors who can really sing. I don't understand: Mamma Mia! is a very famous musical and I hear that the theatre is always full. Why they still needed big names? I'm not saying that Meryl Streep can't sing (I am referring to someone else). I think she is great during The Winner Takes It All. However, Mamma Mia! is more of a comedy and it's not her strong suit.

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