Saturday, February 28, 2009

Texas Across the River (1966)

I expected that this movie would be silly, but after watching, I must say that I like it. First, the movie is well restored: picture and sound are great. I like the opening credits: colorful drawings of the main characters - in well chosen poses: Sam Hollis can't ride his horse properly after being hit by an arrow, Don Andrea in his nobleman's suit kicking a soldier, Phoebe Ann washing her hair in the river with 2 Indians watching, etc - while the theme song sung by Kingston Trio is playing. Throughout the movie, the music is well used. It's hilarious, especially when the Comanches appear.

Don Andrea Baldasar (Alain Delon), a Spanish duke, is about to marry Phoebe Ann (Rosemary Forsyth). The wedding ceremony is interrupted by Phoebe Ann's former fiancé, a member of US Cavalry, who is soon accidentally killed by Don Andrea. Don Andrea now becomes a hunted man and promises to meet Phoebe Ann in Texas, which has not been a state. On his way, Don Andrea meets Sam Hollis (Dean Martin) and his Indian sidekick Kronk (Joey Bishop) who need a good shooter to accompany them transporting weapons to Moccasin Flat, Texas. Don Andrea later will save Lonetta (Tina Aumont), a squaw, from a medicine man. Together they will tame longhorns. Meanwhile, Sam Hollis falls in love with Phoebe Ann, a cause which makes Don Andrea challenges him to a duel.

I like Yellow Knife, the Comanche chief's useless son. Every time he appears he makes me laugh. Not to mention the facial expression on the Comanches's faces, and Kronk's. Although considered as a spoof, this movie is not as stupid as I thought. The direction, music, and script are good.

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