Monday, April 7, 2014

Mind Prey - John Sandford

Mind Prey, in my opinion, is in the same level as the previous book, Night Prey.

The bad guy’s name was exposed from the very beginning: John Mail. John Mail kidnapped Andi Manette and her two daughters. He had been obsessed with Andi Manette, a psychiatrist who once had treated him, and even more since someone who hated her had been feeding him informations that she had liked him as well.

Andi Manette came from a rich family who had political influence, so the Minneapolis Police Department received a big pressure to find her and her daughters asap. Our hero, Chief Lucas Davenport, had a clue that the bad guy was a gamer and tried to trap him in every chance. However, being a gamer who was familiar with games created by Lucas Davenport, John Mail could smell those traps.

Mind Prey was very enjoyable to read. In this book, Lucas gave Weather an engagement ring. I actually missed the times when Lucas was described writing games until morning.

I know almost nothing about cars, but Lucas Davenport's car should be looking something like this. He already drove one in the first book which was published in 1989 and no mention of him getting a new model, that was if he didn't buy the car the year before.
1989 Porsche 911 Black

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