Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sudden Prey - John Sandford

In law enforcement, danger can come anytime; so although this book is entitled ‘Sudden Prey’, I don’t see what is so sudden about the whole thing. The story was good, even though bank robbers gave me impression that it was like in the wild west era. However I stayed up late reading this, either because the story was interesting or I simply could not sleep.

Lucas Davenport and his group kept a group of bank robbers under surveillance, culminating in a bank robbery where all the robbers were shot to death. Dick LaChaise, whose wife and sister were dead in the ‘ambush’ swore to take revenge to the police responsible. With his two friends, Dick LaChaise found a corrupted police who could access personnel files and used it to track down spouses of the police who gunned down his wife and sister. ‘An eye for an eye.’

With a corrupted police in Lucas Davenport’s group who tipped LaChaise about progress on the investigation, it was difficult to catch the bad guys. This corrupted police also wanted each one in the Dick LaChaise group dead, hoping that he could get away unscathed, using Lucas’ daughter and fiancée as baits.

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