Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Winter Prey - John Sandford

The LaCourts family has been murdered and their house were burned. The Sheriff asks for Lucas Davenport's help because in their peaceful area there never has been such a big case and Lucas happens to have a cabin in the same state of Wisconsin. Two witnesses, firemen, swear to see Father Bergen's truck near the area at the time the fire alarm ringing; and the priest swears that when he leaves the LaCourts, they were still alive and healthy.

The investigation will lead Davenport to child abuse case. The murderer, called Iceman, actually murdered the LaCourts for nothing and his action would set a series of events that attract the attention of the authority. In this book, Lucas Davenport meets the local surgeon, Weather Karkinnen, and falls in love with her. Iceman wants to eliminate Weather, the only person who can identify him from the Polaroid picture, stolen and sent to a publishing magazine, by one of his victims.

I think Winter Prey is more interesting than Silent Prey, although I don't like the surrounding. It's Wisconsin in the middle of winter, everything is cold and white, and there is a snow storm to come. I don't know, it sounds boring to me. The white situation, I mean, not the story in this book.

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