Thursday, April 17, 2014

Secret Prey - John Sandford

A chairman from a bank was shot dead while hunting. Was it an accident or a murder? The police got a tip that the murder was giving advantage to a certain bank executive and there were rumors that he perhaps had got rid of everyone who was in his way.

The story started slow for me, I was even bored reading details about bank merger; but once the real murderer was revealed - which was in the middle of the book - it became so interesting. I even think this is one of the best books in the Prey series. The murders were perfect that although the police had found the culprit, they still had to find solid proofs.

Deputy chief Lucas Davenport was famous among the bad guys because they knew he was smart and dangerous. They were afraid of him. The bad guy in this book, to divert Davenport's investigation, went as far as attacking his fiancée and his best friend.

After a haunting episode in the previous book, where Lucas saved his fiancée, Weather, by killing her captor - "When he confronts a monster, he solves the problem by becoming a bigger monster..." [Lucas Davenport in the eyes of the mother of his daughter] - she decided to stay away from him and Lucas started seeing Sergeant Marcy Sherill, a detective from Homicide.

The book ended with a funny scene where Lucas was alone in the office, surrounded by old ladies who wanted to turn themselves in.

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