Thursday, November 19, 2015

Black Magic (1975)

I had wanted to watch this for some time. I remember watching the trailer when I was a kid. This and the sequel were popular back then.

According to IMDb, the shooting locations were in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. I was wondering when I watched the opening scene. There were stilt houses (=rumah panggung) and lots of coconut trees. The black magician and his client were dressed like people here. His hair was covered with what looked like a blangkon from a far (but in close ups it was not) and he wore sarong. I think if these two characters were dubbed in bahasa Indonesia (or Malay), none would have believed they were watching a movie produced by Shaw Brothers.

From this distance, the man looks like a Javanese
In close-up: the head cover is not a blangkon

However, the paper charms used in the next scene were typically Chinese.

The story was not much different from Indonesian horror movies in the same era. Ku Feng played a black magicians who put love spells, death spells, etc. A rich merry widow (Tanny) wanted a man (Ti Lung) who had already had a fiancée (Lily Li). The widow hired the black magician to put a spell on the man. The spell would only be broken if the black magician died.

Ti Lung and Lily Li.
She is upset after finding another woman's powder compact in his car
Tanny and Lo Lieh.
He is trying to get some strands of her hair and its root
Tanny sees a big portrait of Lily Li in Ti Lung's house.
Would you really give this your boyfriend? "Put this on your wall."
Ti Lung parks his car near a little book store named
'Kedai Buku Dunia' or 'Universal Book Store'

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