Monday, November 16, 2015

Murder Plot (1979)

This movie was based on Gu Long's A Fanciful Tale of the Fighting World, so there were so many to tell in 90 minutes.

The murder plot mentioned in the title was the martial arts world plotted to murder the Happy King, for the deaths of 900 heroes 15 years ago. David Chiang played Sim Long. With his fiancée Cu Jit-jit (Ching Li), first he investigated the deaths inside a tomb, but was accused with the missing of several heroes. Sim Long asked one month to look into the matter.

Beautiful costumes and background,
reminded me how I loved Shaw Brothers movies back then
Cu Jit-jit found the missing heroes in the mansion belonged to the Ong family, and met the handsome but evil Ong Ling-hoa and his mother. Fleed from the Ong mansion, Cu Jit-jit, with another beautiful lady named Pek Fi-fi, were kidnapped by a woman worked for the Happy King [but unlike the book, in this movie version, Cu Jit-jit & Pek Fi-fi's faces were not changed. The woman did not operate on the young ladies's faces.], and saved by Sim Long and his new friends, Kim Bu-hong - one of the Happy King's four emissaries, and Panda, the Beggars Clan's chief. [In the book it was a Cat, instead of Panda.]

L-R: Sim Long, Kim Bu-hong and Panda
Cu Jit-jit had a kind of badge, which could be used to draw money from banks owned by Cu family. Ong Ling-hoa took the badge. While trying to get it back, Cu Jit-jit and Panda were taken by the Ong family. Mrs Ong asked Sim Long to infiltrate the Happy King's people so the martial arts heroes could kill the Happy King on his wedding day with Pek Fi-fi.

Actor's name usually appears on his first entrance in SB movies,
even if it's in the middle or near the end.
Ku Kuan-chung as Ong Ling-hua, who loves pink costumes.
The ending was simpler than the book. All the bad guys were dead in the end.

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