Monday, November 16, 2015

Masked Avengers (1981)

Judging from the title, I thought I would see some young men wearing masks avenging their dead relatives; but in this case, the title refers to a group of bandits using the name of 'Masked Avengers'.

A group of bandits wearing masks with trident as the weapon
A group of heroes led by Master Chi believed that the bandits are based on Jingyang Town. There were two important families in the town: Ling and Fang. Master Chi suspected that either Lin or Fang was the leader of Masked Avengers, but the killing went on while Chi and his group watching Ling or Fang. So who was the leader? Meanwhile, the cook in the small inn where Chi and his group stayed in was also suspicious.

Sheng Jun, Master Chi's right-hand man, befriends the cook;
believing he was innocent
The plot reminds me of a French film called 'L'assassin habite au 21'. The police knew that the killer lived on the house no.21, but which one? (It was a boarding house) When he arrested someone, someone else killed out there.

With cast like: Chiang Sheng, Kuo Chui, Chin Siu-ho, and Lu Feng; fight scenes in this movie were great, as expected.

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