Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pursuit of Vengeance (1977)

Based on Gu Long's The Black Sabre, this movie began with Ye Kai, a merry hero, met Fu Hong-xue in a casino. They and four other heroes, were invited to Wan Ma Clan.

Ye Kai (Liu Yung) and Fu Hong-xue (Ti Lung) first meeting
Twenty years ago, Wan Ma Clan and Shen Dao Clan were equally famous; but as the chief of Shen Dao Clan, named Bai, was assassinated 20 years ago, nowadays the world only knew Wan Ma Clan. That day -when the six guests came to Wan Ma Clan - was the death anniversary of Hero Bai and the chief of Wan Ma believed that Bai's son had come to avenge his father. Bai's son should be among the six guests he had invited. But which one?

Bai's son should be either Ye Kai or Fu Hong-xue. Ye Kai was the student of Li Sun-huan, whose flying dagger was invincible.[See Little Li's Flying Dagger]

Ye Kai and Fu Hong-xue got a list of people responsible for  Hero Bai's death. Of 30 people, Hero Bai had killed 23 of them himself in the fatal snowy night, so there were still 7 left. Now, these seven killers also wanted to save themselves by killing Ye Kai and Fu Hong-xue.

Lo Lieh played a hired killer who was supposed to kill Ye Kai and Fu Hong-xue, but he ended up helping these two because in order to be able to kill them, he had to keep them alive. Lo Lieh's present made the movie merrier.

Lo Lieh takes a bath in public

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