Friday, November 13, 2015

Reincarnate Swordsman (1983)

I don't like the other English title at all (B4stard Swordsman) and think that Silkworm Swordsman is more appropriate.

Norman Chu played Yun Fei Yang, 20-year-old errand boy in Wutang Clan. Daily he was bullied by other students, but secretly he learned kung-fu from a mysterious masked man, who was no other than his own father and the chief of Wutang, Qing Song.

Every ten years, Qing Song had a duel with Invincible Clan's chief and always lost. This time it was no exception. Qing Song, who had been wounded, was attacked on his way home; but was helped by a handsome young man named Fu Yu Shu. Qing Song took Fu Yu Shu as his student.

But Fu Yu Shu had a hidden agenda, he wanted to avenge his grandfather's death who had died in Wutang. Fu Yu Shu killed Qing Song, two of his best students and a Wutang elder; and blamed Yun Fei Yang. Fu Yu Shu then became Wutang chief.

The most prominent Wutang kung-fu was the silkworm skill, but it was difficult to understand. The mistress of Yun Fei Yang's father had solved the secret and helped the young man to master it. Yun Fei Yang killed Fu Yu Shu and won the heart of the girl he loved. The end.

The fight scenes were great, although sometimes I think in some scenes they were fast-forwarded too fast.

The final duel between Norman Chu and Tony Liu.
Yun Fei Yang is like Spiderman without costume.

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