Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Convict Killer (1980)

Ti Lung played Teng Piao who had been imprisoned for 15 years because someone called The Black Leopard had swapped his delivery of leather goods with opium.

In the beginning of the movie, we saw Teng Piao shot the informant who told him what the one who had set him up was The Black Leopard. I wondered why Teng Piao went into prison for smuggling drugs, but not for the murder.

Fifteen years later, after being released from jail, Teng Piao went to look for The Black Leopard for revenge. His weapon was an iron chain, the one who had kept him in jail for 15 years, he said. The informant told him 15 years ago that he should go to Flying Eagle Town and look for Master Chou.

Ching Li's character looking for her husband who has been
disappeared for 15 years
Teng Piao went to Flying Eagle Town and told Master Chou that he would be waiting for The Black Leopard in Jing Ling Inn. Master Chou sent letters to invite his six brothers (a.k.a six killers) back.

Since then, there were new strangers around the inn. Most notably was a "handsome guy with modern haircut and dresses fashionably" who threw flying daggers.

Ti Lung and Liu Yung : friend or foe?
The fighting scenes were enjoyable to watch, culminated in the final duel among Ti Lung & Liu Yung vs Chen Kuan-tai.

Chen Kuan-tai as Master Chou. 

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