Monday, November 16, 2015

Treasure Hunters (1981)

Fu Sheng and Chang Chan-peng played two naughty boys who ruined a gambling house and wanted by the crossed-eyed chief police. Chang Chan-peng told Fu Sheng that he knew about a hidden treasure, but first they had to steal a bunch of letters from an old man who owned an antique store.

Using a mirror to speak with an interlocutor behind you
without turning your head
Meanwhile Liu Chia-hui played a monk from Fahua temple, who a dressed in white and cleaned his hands with tissue paper after touching anything. This monk met everybody interested in the treasure, but all the people he had met were dead. A normal person would assume that the monk killed all those people. However, our two naughty boys witnessed that Master Mo, played by Wang Lung-wei, was the one who killed those people after the monk had left.

Just found out that a thief dressed like this, so
the owner of the house won't hear his breath
Now, the two boys decided to help the monk clean his name. The treasure was hidden in the Fahua temple, anyway.

The director, Liu Chia-yung, played the old man who owned the antique store. He and his brother Liu Chia-hui made the fight scenes in this movie could be compared to the works of Kuo Chiu, Chiang Sheng, and those from Venom Mob. The woman who was with Master Mo, played by Yeung Ching-ching, played double swords so well. She was as competent as the guys.

Five lohans formation
Master Mo's high kung-fu skill made the good guys had to use five lohans formation to defeat him; but together with his female assistant, Master Mo also had this flying shallow style. In all, this was an action packed movie and highly entertaining.

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Anonymous said...

Watched this again recently. The flying swallow scene is really well done. Fu Sheng and a young Yeung Ching Ching provide the comic relief in their duel. He, with no notable Kung Fu skills, she, an expert fighter doing her best to retain her modesty after falling into his trap.