Friday, November 13, 2015

Buddha's Palm (1982)

Now this is a fun kung-fu movie. The cgi is outdated, of course, but who cares?

The story was narrated, but the narrator sometimes scolded the characters.

Due to low budget, the battle of Tiansan scenes
are replaced with cartoons
Erl Tung-sen played a low skilled swordsman until he fell into a ravine and helped by a giant bird who brought him to a blind swordsman, known as the Flaming Cloud Devil. It could be guessed that after being taught by the Flaming Could Devil, our hero became invincible - or almost, because his enemies used dirty tricks.

He made friends with two female heroes, who had been trying to heal their master's ruined face. The big enemy in this movie was someone called Heavenly Foot, who could stretched his foot to kick an enemy from a far.
Erl Tung-sen and Yu On-on, here plays a pair of lovers
Dameng, the giant bird, liked to help. He took care of Flaming Cloud Devil in a cave. By its look, one could tell that this movie had a low budget. The bird looked like a barongsai, with face seemed to come from Bali island.
L-R : Alex Man, Derek Yee and Dameng
Must be great to have Dameng as a pet
Lo Lieh played Pi Gu of East Island, a swordsman who always came late. He announced his own arrival. It was kind of annoying after a while, but when he was badly wounded by Heavenly Foot, I felt sad and hoped he wouldn't die. He did not die. Heavenly Foot also did not die in the end because this was a fun movie and we should not take the story seriously.

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